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Welcome to Flor de C | Lucía Cuendias, my name is Carmen Elias del Fairy CornerKids and I am going to present you this new brand specialized in communion dresses and suits, flower dresses and accessories for any ceremony or event.

When we talk about Flor de C we talk about professionalism, style, passion, illusion ...

These are some of the words that define the birth of Flor de C. I could go on putting an endless list, but ... what better way to check it yourself, right?

In this first post we want to introduce you to this beautiful brand of which we will be delighted that you are a part, not only during the preparations for Communion for your children, but also in many special and everyday moments.

First of all, I want to introduce you to Lucía Cuendias, the person behind this magnificent project.

Lucía is passionate about fashion with extensive experience in the sector thanks to her career working for great giants of Spanish clothing. After his time working for someone else, he decided to embark on the adventure of running his own business but associated under the name of another brand. Many times, life sends you signals that you do not have to let go and that's what she did, take the leap and launch herself to fulfill her dreams. She alone but very well accompanied, with great enthusiasm and those words with which we began this post, Flor de C.

From the outside, if I had to define Lucía in a few words, I would say that she is: energetic, passionate, hard-working and a great person.

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Now that you know her a little more, let's talk about her great little project: Flor de C.

Flower of C carries in itself a great meaning. The C represents Communion and Ceremonies, but it also carries part of Lucía's essence, her surname Cuendias, representing her style, her signature, her work ...

A simple and elegant design, adapted to new trends. Care for details and good finishes are reflected in each communion dress and the choice of fabrics is treated with great care from the first step of the collection. Flor de C, represents those details that make a communion or wedding dress something very special, having the possibility of customizing the bow of the dress in both color and fabric.

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Su confección está cuidada al máximo y es algo que se aprecia nada más tocar uno de sus vestidos. Los vestidos de comunión llegan a cualquier talla incluso se pueden confeccionar a medida, también los trajes de comunión para niños y los de arras.

Los vestidos de Comunión de Flor de C, ya los podéis encontrar en sus points of sale. More and more stores want to work with us and it is not because we say it from here, the treatment is exceptional. Our goal is to make your job easy, so that customers and stores are happy and proud to have our brand in their businesses. Any proposal is commented and valued and we are always open to your suggestions.

These are some of the opinions of stores that work with us:

Julia Coccole Seville

¨Working with Lucía Cuendias is knowing that everything will be fine! Always giving solutions to any minimum problem. It is a pleasure to work like this ... with exquisite taste and treatment both with the specialized stores in communion and with the clients. We love having your collection at Coccole. ¨

Elena Licorice Utiel

¨Lucía Cuendias is all-hearted, a super positive and hard-working girl. Licorice has several communion collections working with her, her professionalism did not make us hesitate for a moment and continue betting on her new project Flor de C, which is sure to be a success.¨

Maite Coccole Murcia

¨Working with Lucía Cuendias is synonymous with professionalism, closeness and empathy. Always making everything very easy. A signature of communion and ceremony with first class fabrics, impeccable patterns and exquisite workmanship. ¨

Olga Aniette Yecla

Professionalism, good taste and unbeatable treatment. Just by looking at her designs, you can see that Lucía designs and works with each collection with great care and affection, the girls are dressed as girls… simple and beautiful at the same time. ¨

If you still don't have a point of sale close to your town, get in touch with us and we will find the best solution so that you can have your Flor de C. dress.

But Flor de C is not only Communion, it also offers dresses for the most important events you have. Arras dresses for the most special occasions, party dresses for girls, for a wedding, a communion, grandfather's birthday, a Christmas meal ... Arras and guests for all times of the year. Designs that will make the little ones in the house the center of attention.

On this website you can also find the Online Shop in which you already have loops for dresses for sale and where new collections will be released shortly.

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In addition, we have many news and new things that we will tell you little by little. Flor de C arrives full of surprises !!

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I welcome you to our little big family and we hope that as it was said in the movie “Casablanca” “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”.